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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Misses Kathy and Ann Are Journeying Home

Kearney - Miss Kathy and Miss Ann just stopped in to visit with us on their way back to Albuquerque, NM.  They have spent this week sight-seeing in the Washington D.C. area.  Today, they picked up their Rottie girl - the main reason for the trip.

Lowri - Holy Cow!  Miss Luna is this big, coal black dog.  Miss Kathy speaks to her in a sweet voice and suddenly all you see is teeth.  Miss Kathy says that Luna is grinning.  I tried to get close to see the teeth, but no one would let me get that close.  I snuck in behind her a couple of times, but Miss Luna errrr'ed at me.  I got LOCKED in my crate!  It is MY house, and I got locked up!  She didn't errrr at Kear.  Maybe because he wasn't sneaking up on her?

Kearney - Miss Luna was visiting in Virginia for the past eight months.  She didn't settle on her first breeding, so they waited until she was bred again, and then they went to get her.   Miss Kathy came on the trip because she missed her girl.  Miss Ann is going to whelp out Luna and then return her to Miss Kathy.

Lowri - All I can say is "What big teeth you have, Miss Luna!"

Kearney - Miss Luna's name is actually GCH CH Baar's Luna De Miel V Woodrott CD RA HT.  She is a VERY pretty girl.

Lowri - Oh no!  She has more letters than me, too.  I NEED more letters!  Maybe if I tried showing all my teeth in a "grin", I could get more letters?

Kearney - <snicker>  You want to hear about letters, Lowri?  Miss Kathy sent TM Miss Luna's name and her other Rottie's name.  They are:
"Gabriel" Multi V1, AKC DC, UKC/UCI Int'l CH, Can OTCH BAAR's Heaven Sent, UDX, ASCA/UKC CDX, RAE, Can RE, ASCA RAX, HSAc, HXAds, HSBd, STDs, OTDcd, CI, CGC, TT, VX, 2009 ARC National Herding High in Trial, ARC Bronze Producer 
"Luna" 2009 & 2011 ARC Select, BISS, Am/Can BOSS, Am/Can CH, GCH BAAR's Luna de Miel v Woodrott, AKC/CKC/ASCA CD, RA, ASCA RAX, Can RN, HT, CGC 

 Lowri - <grumble>  Can you say "overachievers?"

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  1. They have more letters than Chase, too. We'd better get busy!