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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Herding, with Pictures

Lowri - I finally got to go HERDING again today!  TM brought up the big mamas and put them in the duck arena for me.  I got to, herd them all around.  TM was still making me stay out and insisting on wide flanks.  I was just thrilled to be out working again.

MC and Miss Dinah came up to herd too.  While TM was waiting for them, I got to put the big mamas in the small pen and THEN I got to go herd CHICKENS!  What a HOOT!!  TM sent me down to the far end of the field.  They were hiding in the shade.  I actually did a pretty good job of herding.  I didn't try to catch and eat any of them.   When MC got here, she said she would have loved to get some pictures of that.

Dinah did a really nice job of herding.  She hasn't been on stock since April, when she got her HT title and caused TM to get a bad knee.  Fortunately, TM's knee is doing fine now.  Dinah was very, very good.  She listened to TM and was very responsive.  TM finished the lesson by having Dinah help her pen the ewes.  Dinah even flanked the right directions!  TM gave her heaps of praise AND scritched her belly. 

I got to work again afterwards.  TM was hopeful that there would be a couple of good pictures.  MC said it was not looking good.  The grass is so long, all you could see was my back and ears.  She is going to send some to TM to check out.  I will have her post them later.

Moving my sheep.
Where we going, TM?

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  1. You are most beautiful when you are working!