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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finally, an Update!

Lowri - TM says she was very, very busy yesterday.  She didn't have time to even take pictures much less edit them.  Today was a little less busy so TM grabbed the camera.  The children had a good time playing right at dark.  I was stuck in a crate!  Boo!

Adam crushing Gabby

Pretty Callie

Gabby girl

Gabby again

Gimme the bone!

Kevin doing a recall.

I has a stick!

Peyton, Gimme and Callie

Puppy pile

Adam sez "It feels like someone is staring."

The new cot is tasty!

How do you turn around on this thing?

What chu got, Adam?

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  1. Kevin is a hoot! Love the one with Adam wondering WHY he feels eyes on him!