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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last Week at Home

Lowri - This is my babies' last week at home.  Four of them go away on Saturday.  I can't decide if that is a good thing or a very bad thing!  I will miss cleaning up their food bowl and cleaning their faces, but I am not at all sorry there will be fewer of them to share TM with.  She barely has time for me except when we are relaxing on the sofa at night.

My baby, Fable (Callie), has both ears up.  She and Kevin (Ethan) are the first.  Flutter (Gabby) is getting close.  The one who just melts TM into a puddle is Adam.  He can be halfway across the yard when he sees TM.  He rocks back and then charges as fast as he can go toward TM.  He has a look on his face that says, "You have finally come!"  TM scoops him up and then looks for Kevin (the one we are keeping).  He is too busy exploring to give much of a hoot.  When TM gets close, he either takes off or puts on an adoring expression and climbs up on TM.  Suck up!

Gimme is cute as a button.  Her brown eyes just melt you.  Don't be fooled, she is a pistol!  Then there is Peyton (Bailey).  He would like nothing more than to be attached to TM.  He comes running, kisses up, gets between her feet and is just adorable.  TM is frequently seen carrying Adam and Peyton.

The three boys and Flutter are the ones that are suck ups.  They all can't wait to tell TM how much they love her (unless Kevin is exploring).  TM usually has to track down Gimme and Fable.  When she catches up to them, they are all about "Oh, Hi, we were looking for you."  I don't think TM totally buys their act, but she scoops them up and gives them kisses too.

I like it best when they are in their crates and it is just TM and me.  I put my head in her lap and we snuggle.  She strokes me between my eyes.  Life is good!

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  1. Yeah, great, Fable will fit right in with Story, who runs the other way when I call her . . . sigh . . .