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Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday Dog

Lowri - Miss Dinah came to Camp TM for her birthday.  She is two years old today.  I graciously let her work my ducks.  I warmed them up for her first.  TM said I almost got the "here" command today.  That probably means that I will really screw it up for the next week.

Then Miss Dinah got to go herd the ducks.  She is just starting out at the trial level.  TM helps her quite a bit.  They walked around the yard moving the ducks.  When Dinah got too enthusiastic, TM made her just stop and sit for a bit.  While Dinah held the sit, TM moved the ducks around.  It is a hard exercise when you are excited.  TM insists that you stay right there in a sit.  Dinah settled down and went back to working.  TM praised her a lot.

Dinah asked me when she would get a duck to eat.  She was sure that would be her birthday present.  I don't think that is what TM has in mind.  I am pretty sure there will be no more duck eating this week.

Kevin - Dinah is very HOT!  Very, very HOT!

Lowri - sigh, Dinah isn't in heat.  Hormones...

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