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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

We're Baaaack

Lowri - We are very sorry it has been so long since we have shared our story.  TM is having computer problems with her main PC.  It makes her cranky.  When she is cranky, she doesn't want to hear my thoughts.  I have had lots of thoughts, too.

Let's see...Last weekend we went to herding trials.  I had a BLAST!  I had so much fun, TM called my run on Saturday.  She was NOT pleased.  It really isn't fair, Dinah also had a BLAST - BOTH days!  But since she is in the Started class, TM was able to work with her and got her through the course.  I am in Intermediate and I had to work farther from TM.  Hence the BLAST <vbg>.  

TM made me do down stays all through HT and PT.  That was TOTALLY not fair!  I squirmed and whined.  TM didn't care.  She was not interested in my thoughts at all.  I finally gave up on Sunday (yes, she did it both days!), and just relaxed.  It was kind of funny, our run on Sunday was quite good.  Do you think maybe the down stays...naw, it was just a coincidence.

This weekend, MC went to the dog shows in Franklin, TN.  She went WITHOUT me!  That just doesn't happen!  Am I losing my good looks?  What is happening?

TM - Wah, wa, wa, wah.

Lowri - But, my coat is almost back in!  I am pretty again!  (sigh)  I guess I can wait until the end of the month.

MC got Major Reserves on Story both days.  I guess that is pretty good.  She is coming up tomorrow to get Dinah, who has been vacationing with us. 

TM took both Dinah and me out to herd.  She is focusing on what we really blew at the trials.  We had to do the basics - sit, stop and come - when there was stock in the arena with us.  Dinah really had a brain, um, brain,  uh...brain blowout.  TM told her every time she was right.  Poor Dinah, TM also insisted that she do the basics.  She says Dinah will be fine.  Tomorrow we are going to work with sheep rather than ducks.  TM thinks that Dinah will do better with sheep.

Papa Ron had a ramp built on the back of the house.  He said it is TM's birthday present - it cost a lot more than they had planned - oops.  TM laughed.  Her birthday isn't until November.  I didn't like the ramp on my first trip down it.  It is smooth and pretty slick.  PR says he will be putting a textured, rubber coating on it so it won't be slick.  I am pretty sure I will like it better then.  TM wanted the ramp so she doesn't have to carry Kevin outside any more.  Kevin isn't allowed to go down the stairs on his own until he is a year old.  TM carries him and he is getting heavy.

Kevin - Hi everyone.  I don't have many thoughts.   I will share them if I do have any.

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  1. I read:
    Kevin: "Hi, everyone. I am a boy puppy so I don't have many thoughts. I will share them if I do have any.