TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Day EVER!!!!

Lowri - Today has been my BEST DAY EVER!  When PR got up, he let us out and then fed us.  I got my usual breakfast of raw food.  I stayed in my crate until TM got up.  Fast forward then through her breakfast, steam-cleaning the bedroom carpet, vacuuming the carpets in general, until it was finally time to go herd.

Aren't they pretty?
TM shook a bucket of grain to bring in the big ewes.  Some of them won't come if they see me, so I waited in the car until they were in the duck arena.  TM took some pictures of them and then I got to go herding.  I moved the big ewes around a bit and worked on my "Away" and "Bye".  TM likes me to do big, wide circles.  I also got to learn some new words.  TM is teaching me to "back up".  I know that in the show ring, but didn't realize you also needed it out herding.  I got lots of praise for everything!  I moved the big ewes back to their field, and put the ducks in the duck arena.  I got to work them a bit too.  Then TM put me in the car - AFTER I got to go into the stocktank to cool down.  It felt great!

TM got on the phone with MP and talked to her about my future husband.  TM had talked to the lady that lives with him last night and they discussed all the details.  TM, MP and MC are all pretty pumped.  I am too!  I am going to get a boyfriend in about six months!  It has been a really good day.

They are pretty big now.

PR came down about then and started to mow.  He wanted to mow the duck arena.  So I got out and put the ducks away.  Then he wanted to mow the lamb field.  I went and got the lambs and put them in the duck arena.  Here are my lambs.

So all day, I have been doing what I was bred to do - help out on the farm.  Then the BEST part happened.  While PR was mowing the lamb field, he pointed at a critter and told TM it was a rat.  She brought me over and told me another new word, "hunt".  I DID!  It wasn't a rat, it was a rabbit.  A very stupid rabbit.  I caught it.  TM didn't take it away.  She let me EAT IT!  How cool is that!  I caught my own varmint and ate it. 

When PR was mowing the other lamb field, he started calling me.  I hurried over and caught ANOTHER one.  I ate it too!  Burp!  They weren't very big, but TM says I don't get to eat tomorrow.  I might just have to go find another rabbit.  I can too!  I know how to HUNT!

Now I am sleeping on the recliner with my head on TM's leg.  It was the very best day ever.


  1. WOW, Lowri, you had QUITE a day! TWO wild bunny dinners in one day! Dinah and Treasure are really jealous! (Treasure wants to know if they were tasty?) Good job on helping out with moving the stock on the farm! You're a great helper, I know!

  2. I'm not sure which my dogs are more jealous about.....All that herding or getting to eat bunnies! What a day!

  3. You did have a great day, Lowri. In just two weeks you'll get to show off all those herding skills at a trial. The bunny hunting skills will have to wait until you are back home.

    Your Daddy and I are getting ready to drive up to the mountains so he can go herding. In October there are three days of trials in Arizona at the same place the National Specialty herding will be held. They have two trials a day for all three of the days. Chase and his friend Banjo need to be ready.

  4. You got to eat Bunnies! I want to live with you. Magic

  5. Sounds like a perfect day for Porter as well!
    But be careful, he has to be wormed after he eats bunnies :(

  6. Whiskey says that she is very jealous. She caught a bunny a few months ago and brought it to show her mommy. It got taken away and she did not get to eat it.