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Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Shows are the BEST

Lowri - We went to Atlanta, GA for two days of dog shows.  There were actually four days of shows, but TM and MC had to work on Thursday and Friday.  I was sorry to miss the party, but we had fun for the two days.  On Saturday, I went Best of Opposite Sex (BOS).  The gorgeous Mick went Best of Breed.  He is so handsome!  I wanted to go check him out as boyfriend material, but TM says I have a date with a different boy.

On Sunday, I went Best of Breed!  I got to go to the Group place.  That judge didn't have good taste.  She didn't think I was beautiful!  I don't understand that.  OF COURSE I am beautiful!!!!  I did win a fourth of the Owner Handled group.  TM and MC were very happy I didn't win the 1st.  They were ready to go home.

I had a wonderful time meeting people.  I found one VERY tasty boy.  I cleaned his ears for him.  I kept trying to taste him.  Yum!  I thought about asking TM if I could bring him home with me so I could have my Very Own Boy like my brother, Nicky.   I figured it would be easier getting more food, and that is almost as important.   The best part of dog shows is meeting and tasting the people. 

My half-sister, Dinah, got to go shopping at all the vendors' shops.  She got LOTS of food!  She also got to taste the children.  She had a blast!

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  1. Don't children taste wonderful -- like left over McMuffin and bacon. It's no wonder every Cardi wants her very own boy.