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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Awesome Day

Lowri - I had an awesome day!  I got to help TM catch, load and sell some sheep.  It was AWESOME!  First, I got to go into the ewe field and bring all the sheep to the round pen.  I helped TM catch the one she wanted.  Then we started toward the truck.  I was helping to encourage the ewe to move, when she suddenly slipped out of the rope.  I had to start completely over.  Finally, we got the ewe to the truck and TM discovered she was too heavy to lift in to the back.  It was crazy.  We were stuck there for the longest time.  I tried to help make her jump in, but TM wanted me to stay back.  Finally, the ewe decided to help TM and between the three of us, we got her loaded.

Then we went to the lamb field.  TM had me bring up the lambs and the one ewe.  She caught the lamb she was taking to the lady and took her to the truck.  Since she had moved the truck, it was quite easy putting the lamb in.  Then TM went back and caught the ewe - WITH MY HELP!  I tried and tried to help her move the ewe to the truck, but NOW she wasn't interested in my help.  She told me to stop, to quit, to back off.  I just don't get it, first the wants my help, then she doesn't.  She even yelled at me to knock it off!  I was quite annoyed.  After all, she only got this far because of me!

TM finally got the sheep all loaded and I got to go too.  I was excited again!  Road Trip!!!  We drove for about two hours and then TM got to the beautiful farm.  WOW!  They had about six Thors!  They had sheep, horses, the cutest mini-donkeys, goats, ducks, turkey, geese, and a whole bunch more!  The lady said she was going to give them the BEST home.  She and TM chatted for a while and then we got back in the truck and headed home.  We stopped at the mini-farm in Bulls Gap so TM could mow.  Then we headed back to PR's place.

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  1. Wow, Lowri! What a GREAT day you had! (TM sometimes gets grumpy and doesn't appreciate what a great helper you are!) I'm envious of this lady's farm!