TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Again

Lowri - We went to herding trials this weekend.  There was no network connection at the hotel (it was a really cheap hotel to save TM and MC some money).  I thought TM would implode with no internet for two and a half days.

I did NOT get to herd!  That is just so very wrong.  I should always be allowed to herd at trials!  TM said it was because I am pregnant.  I hear that Miss Kathy told her not to.  I COULD have trialed on ducks because I was just barely showing.

Anyway...Treasure didn't qualify on ducks either day.  She just wasn't all that into it.  She was happy and listened to TM, but she didn't try very hard to actually herd.  TM and MC decided that she gave all of her ability to her brother, Kearney.  He needed it so he could finish his HC before we lost him so early.

Dinah managed to complete her HT (Herding Tested) title.  I say managed for two reasons.  On Saturday, she didn't want to play.  She sat in the middle of the arena and watched TM and the sheep.  TM spent a LOT of time and energy getting her to work.  She finally did and got her first leg.  On Sunday, TM allowed her to watch the PT runs and Dinah got all excited.  When it was finally her turn, she was ready to work!  She did a VERY good job.  She moved her stock, she "looked back" to the one that split off and then picked him up and brought him back.  It was very nice.

I do have one thing to say though.  Dinah allowed TM to get hurt and did NOT punish the sheep for doing it.  It was that old freshman maneuver.  One sheep crouched behind TM and another pushed her.  TM went down hard and twisted a knee.  Dinah just STOOD there!  Then TM told her to stop while she assessed her injury and got up.  The judge told TM stop to Dinah again and call her.  Dinah qualified and got her HT title.  I had some things to say to Dinah for allowing TM to get hurt.  It would NOT have happened on MY watch.


  1. Oh, no! Hope TM's knee is OK!

    I can't imagine a Cardi being complacent with sheep close by. After the first lesson my guys took, they started amping up a couple miles before we would even get to the farm! The one left in the car would scream his fool head off while the other one had a go at it. I sort of feel guilty I didn't keep up with the lessons because I know how much they loved it.

    1. Miss Taryn, You should NEVER feel guilty about your dogs not getting to do herding. While most of us LOVE it, it is most important that we are with our people. I know you do all you can for your guys.

      Herding is expensive! There are lessons, travel, trial costs, motels, meals out. Shoot, TM bought a farm so we could herd!

      Your guys are very lucky to have someone who loves them so much! Don't worry about herding, they would rather have YOU. Love, Lowri

  2. Daddy Chase and I are very proud of Baby Dinah. We know that you would have tended to TM better, but you need to teach Dinah that. She's only a year old and has so much to learn. I am very excited that you will have babies. That will make your Daddy a G'Pa -- he is ready to hand out cigars.

    1. I know that Dinah is just a baby, MP (I had to listen to her crow the whole way home that SHE got to herd and SHE got a herding title). I also know that I allowed the sheep to slam TM a time or two while I was growing up (Kearney had words with me about it). I will do my best to teach Dinah.

      And tell my Daddy he is going to be handing out cigars in less than a month! I am going to try to be a very good mama. Maybe Dory can give me some pointers. Love, Lowri

  3. Dear Lowri,

    Baby Dinah asked me to let you know she was very sorry she didn't protect TM better, but she was too excited about getting to work the sheepies and didn't notice the baaad sheepie was planning a dastardly deed!

    1. Hi MC, I know Dinah didn't mean to let TM get hurt. I completely understand being too excited - just ask TM (VBG). TM is much better today. Her knee is still bothering her, but she is sure it isn't serious. Can't wait to see Baby Dinah again so I can continue to give her pointers. Love you, Lowri