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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Good Day of Herding

Lowri - I am very proud of my Daddy, my Kearney and Treasure.  They were very good dogs today at the herding trial.  I was good too.  I didn't need to wear the baddog collar.  I even got to sleep on the bed last night.  I didn't get off to bother MC all night long.  Then I only did it after she moved and proved she was awake.  Even though I was very good, I still didn't get to herd.   Maybe next time.

Chase -  I was the first Advanced dog to run.  I went to the post very happily.  I was jumping up and biting at TM's hand.  She wasn't thrilled to see me so very happy, because she was pretty sure my attitude was going to bleed over to my run.  I did a good job and moved my sheep around the field.  I QUALIFIED!  I now have two Advanced Sheep herding legs.  I just need one more to get my title.  Mama Penni was over the moon when she heard that I Q'ed.

I heard that I am going to get two chances to finish my title at the Nationals.  I am also going to get to try ducks again.  That should be interesting!

Kearney - Treasure was moved up to Started today.  She ran last in that class.  I think there were five in that class.  Treasure ended up third with a score of 94.  There were some nice working dogs in that class!  She will be able to try and finish her Started sheep title at the Nationals.

I was the last dog to run today.  TM was still pretty pumped because Chase had qualified.  I went out and did a nice job; although, TM had to redirect me.  I stopped just past the mouth of the "Y" because there was something that smelled interesting.  If I hadn't done that, I would have won the class.  As it was, I tied for 1st and lost due to the cross-drive score.  Oops.  On a positive note, I managed to pick up three more points towards my Dual Championship this weekend.  I just need one more point.  TM said I shouldn't worry about it, I am still very young.   I will try to finish it at the Nationals.

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  1. We had GREAT weather and a very enjoyable weekend herding! Out of six runs, we qualifed FIVE times! That's awesome! So proud of all the dogs and Susan holding it together to show three in a short period of time! It's hard to think on your feet with sheepies going this way and that way! I just had to hide from my Treasure and play videographer for the other two runs! I had it easy! All the dogs got to run together in one of the small fields to let off some steam while at the trials--they had a GREAT time, too!