TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday was interesting

Lowri - Yesterday, I got to have a Girls' Day Out.  We were at Mama Cheryl's place.  TM and MC got up really early loaded the boys in the car and took off.  Treasure, Miss Monroe and I got to stay and FRAP all day long!  It was great!  We barked at the sheep, we barked at the wildlife, we barked just to be barking!  No one yelled at us (this means you, TM).  No one at all.  We had a very good day playing and gossiping.

Kearney - Chase and I jumped in the car with TM and MC.  We drove for hours down to Georgia.  When we got there, we walked around for a while.  Then TM worked me on sheep.  I got to work with the stock handler in the ring.  I ignored them completely.  I just did my job.  After a while, the stock handler left the arena.  She made a lot of noise in the pen with the other stock handler.  I didn't care at all.  TM was very happy with me.

Chase - I have been having a hard time.  Treasure and Lowri are very HOT girls right now.  Even though they weren't with us, I knew where they were and trust me, they are HOT!!!  On top of that, we were at a herding site.  I always get to rodeo when we go places.  That is almost my trademark!  I train nicely at home and rodeo when TM can't do much about it.

I went out to the cone with TM and the sheep were brought into the arena.  I wanted to rodeo so badly, I was shaking.  I couldn't believe it!  TM LEFT ME THERE!  She told me to stay and she walked over to chat with the stock handler.  WHAT IS THIS!?!?!?!  She chatted for several minutes and then walked back to me.  I got praised for staying, but TM left AGAIN.  Yes, I was still shaking, but geez!

Finally, TM came back and after a bit more waiting she sent me to get the sheep.  This was NOT a normal herding trial!  TM made me stop and redo a lot of stuff.  I had to stop and just wait on the field.  It was mind altering!  I had to behave.  I finally settled in and did my job.  TM was quite happy with me.

After two workouts each, Kearney and I were loaded in the car and we drove off.  We stopped at Miss Janet's place and I got left there.  Do you suppose Miss Scout is HOT and I am going to have more babies with her?  WHAT?  NO?  But I LOVE Scoutie.  Miss Janet says she is just going to transport me to my handler for some dog shows.  No Scout, not even a possibility <sigh>

Kearney - We are now at PR's place for what is left of the weekend.  We are going to get to herd again.  Life is good.  Next weekend, MC is taking Lowri to some shows.  She will be bring Chase home with her.  He is only going to be gone for a week.

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