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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Herding on a FINE Day

Lowri - We finally got to herd!  TM sat like a lump on the sofa all day and finally, just as I was giving up on getting to go herding, she got up and took Kearney out!  Yay!  Herding!!!!

Kearney - I got the ducks out of their pen and put them in the back yard.  TM had me herd them around, taking them through various obstacles.  Finally, she had me bring them over to the free-standing pen.  The ducks weren't very cooperative.  I had to work pretty hard to get them in.  TM kept working with me to stay out away from the ducks.  If I gave them enough room, they would walk toward the pen.  I finally got them penned twice!  Then TM said "that'll do."  WHAT?  I was barely getting warmed up!  I finally consented to go with her.  Lowri got to work next.

Lowri - TM wouldn't even let me start until I sat quietly beside her.  I kept jumping up and trying to dash off to the ducks.  TM kept stopping me and bringing me back to sit beside her.  Finally, I relaxed and just sat.  TM can be so stubborn sometimes.

I got to go herd the ducks all around the yard.  TM thought I was a little too wound up to try the free-standing pen today.  I just fetched them along with TM.

Our ducks are pretty bad.  They don't like to hang out together.  The white one is especially bad.  She runs off every chance she gets.  TM says this is good for me.  I am learning how to work real ducks.  I was a very good girl, because I kept them all together.  Maybe we will get to herd again tomorrow!

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  1. Good job, guys! Ducks can be very difficult to work!