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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herding in the Rain

Kearney - We got to herd today, even though it was drizzling.  I got to get the ducks out of the pen as usual.  TM just stood there and watched.  She was impressed that I kept my distance and pressured them just enough to keep them moving.  I brought them straight to the gate.  TM told me I was awesome.  I drove them around the yard, through the obstacles and then to the free-standing pen.  If it sounds like yesterday, it was a lot like that.  TM works with me on my handling and trying to get me to stay back from the ducks.  She changes up the run so it isn't like I am learning a course or anything.  We always run it differently.

The free-standing pen was kind of fun.  I am just about to get the whole idea.  TM wants the ducks IN the pen with very little fuss and muss.  I am figuring that out.    She says I have about 30 days of working ducks between now and Nationals.  That is if I work them every weekday.  She doubts if that will really happen, but it does give me a bit of time to learn what I am supposed to do.

Lowri - TM actually took us out to herd today because she was thinking of how few days we had left to train in.   Because of dog shows and herding trials, I have a little less than Kearney.  I will get a few days of herding sheep to add in, but for me, it is all about the ducks.  I am only entered on ducks at the Nationals. 

I don't have this duck stuff down like Kearney does.  I think his method is... BORING!  I like bouncing so much better <G>  Today, the brown duck did a lot of stopping to rest.  TM let me figure out how to fetch her with the rest.  I got to push on her with my nose.  After I got her moving, I had my mouth open and I was breathing on her tail feathers.  TM cautioned me about taking a taste - like I was going to!  I was just thinking <G>  Over all, TM was pleased with my work.  She still thinks I have a lot to learn.

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