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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Poor, poor TM.

Kearney - Poor TM, she is really going to be poor!  She has just told the Heating and Air Conditioning guy to order her a new heat pump.  It will be installed next Thursday. 

Lowri - But Kear, that will use up MY show money!  What are we going to do?

Kearney - I think we had all better start looking for jobs again.

Lowri - But, but, but, Kear!  I am a PRINCESS.  I don't do work!  Maybe you should get two jobs, so I can still be the princess.  Pleeeeeease, Kear!

TM - It's okay, guys.  I knew the heat pump needed to be replaced.  I set aside a few nickels and dimes.  We will be frugal for a while.

Kearney - Oh yeah, I see THAT happening.  What with the princess, and all. 


  1. Bummer! One of those necessary purchases that aren't a very satisfying use of the hard earned money.....Our A/C went out one summer during a huge heatwave. We replaced the whole thing, A/C and Heater, just to have it covered. I will say it reduced our energy bill as the new unit was much more efficient.

  2. You'll be more comfortable, but hardly anyone will look at it and say, "That's gorgeous."

    1. That is my point, MP! It is MY job to be gorgeous!!! And TM is spending MY money on a stupid heat pump. There might be fewer shows and less people to say that I am gorgeous! Even if TM saved her pennies...I'm just sayin'. I am the princess! Love, Lowri

  3. Don't you worry, Lowri! I've been saving my pennies, too! We all want to be sure your glorious self can be seen and admired by many, many judges!