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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yesterday was a Monday - but a good one

Lowri - I hear lots of people complain about Monday's, but ours was very nice.  One of TM's clients stood her up - not even a call.  We got the benefit, because TM took us out and let us herd the ducks.

Kearney - I went first.  TM had hung her long coat over a jump end post.  The idea was to make it look like a person and have me go get the ducks.  <snort>  The ducks wouldn't go near it.  TM tried and tried while I patiently sat at the far end of the yard.  Finally she got them somewhat close so she came back and sent me.  By then the ducks were halfway back to TM <G>  I went and got them and then TM had me bring the ducks back to the coat.  I got to practice covering stock that did NOT want to go where I was telling them to go.  By the time we got the ducks to the coat, I had totally forgot to be afraid of it.

Lowri - Then I got to go.  I did a LOT of bouncing.  But overall, TM said I was a very good girl.  There was one duck that kept trying to escape.  When I would go after her, she would hunker down and wait for me to leave.  I poked her a couple of times with a closed mouth.  That made TM laugh.  I also got to go under the trailer to bring them out into the open.  Silly ducks, don't they know that is one of my favorite places?  I finally got to hold them at the gate to put them away.  TM was quite pleased with me.

Later in the afternoon, one of TM's clients asked to see me.  I came charging out of the kitchen.  TM is a party pooper.  She cautioned me every time I jumped on the lady.  That was silly.  The lady WANTED to see me.  I was doing my best to let her.  Kearney even got to come out.  The lady said we were beautiful.  She has very good taste.

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  1. Okay, it was really funny, Kear, that the DUCKS wouldn't go near the coat! Good job! And Lowri, of course the lady wanted to see you--but she may not have wanted you to jump on her!