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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday at the Trial

Kearney - Boy, it was not my day today at the herding trial.  I was feeling GOOD and went out to get my ducks.  Just as I got down to fetch them, the stock handler moved and scared me (has TM mentioned that I am a chicken?).  TM had to give several redirects and then I got my head back in the game.  I did a really good job after that.  I got the ducks clear around the course - they missed the centerline panels, but I was the only one to get that good of a cross-drive.  I held my ducks off the gate and let TM repen them.  I was AWESOME, TM said so!  I was so very good. 

The judge didn't think so.  He gave me fourth.  EVERYONE, literally everyone, came up and told TM we were robbed.  The stock handlers demanded to see the ribbon before they would believe TM.  The first place dog's owner (the dog was a handsome German Shepherd) was mad that I didn't win.  TM said sometimes we get gifts and sometimes other people get them.  She was pretty good-natured about it.  She said we got a gift the day before when Chase Q'ed <G>

I am embarrassed to say that I lost my mind on my sheep run.  I was still feeling good, and cantered off to go get the sheep.  About halfway there, I saw the stock handler and his dog next to my sheep.  I wigged out.  TM insisted that I go on down, but I was NOT going to take those sheep off that person.  I ran back and forth behind them, but I wouldn't lift them.  Finally, the stock handler left the arena and took his dog with him.  I immediately brought the sheep to TM.  Then I took the sheep around the course to the hold pen.  One sheep insisted on staying with TM and the other two left.  TM told me to worry about the one, so I made him leave TM.  I went down to bring them all back to do the cross drive, and I heard the stock handlers.  I think they were discussing menus featuring red Cardigan males.  I was NOT going to be on the menu, so I would not go by them to get my sheep.  TM was pretty annoyed with me.  She came down and made me do it.  Then she made me hold the sheep off the gate.  The judge wrote on my pink sheet that she shouldn't train on the course.   TM told MC that he was welcome to say Thank You and she would have left immediately otherwise, she was NOT going to let me get away with being a chicken.  I'm telling you, they had red Cardigans on the menu.

Chase - I went to a rodeo today.  TM called my run before I even got the sheep to the "Y".  I was the BADDOG <VBG>  TM has plans for me.

Lowri - I was sweet and wonderful all day long.  I still didn't get to do anything.  I am just going to lay on TM's lap tonight.  I should get something out of the day.

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  1. Hey, Kear! I would be scared, too, if they were talking about roasting my ribs! And I know you were robbed! TM should have dialed 911 and had that judge arrested!