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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy, Cold Sunday

Kearney - We got to go herding in the cold rain today...

Lowri - EXCUSE ME!  Who is this WE?  I certainly didn't get to herd.  I got to sit in the car and watch.  BOOOOOOOO!  I have to stay clean.  TM and MC are taking me to a dog show next weekend.  I want to HERD too!

Kearney - Anyway, Chase, Treasure and I got to go herding.  Chase went first.  I will let him tell how that went.

Chase - I was AWESOME and EXCELLENT!  I had a wonderful time!  TM was VERY happy with me.  I got to work with the big mamas and babies first.  TM set up it up so there were obstacles around (trees) that made me see how to Walk Up to the sheep.  If I tried to go around the sheep, it was really obvious.  TM was able to instantly correct me so I got a better idea of what she meant.

Then I got to go work the crazy lambs (we are going to call them the older lambs as they aren't crazy anymore).   I started my outrun by going straight up the middle.  TM yelled at me and I realized I had messed up.  I widened my run out and then finished a nice lift and fetch.  The lambs aren't course-broke and don't have a big draw anywhere, so they are kind of tough to move around the course.  I did a really nice job.  I got them in the pen and the stupid ram dived out.  I covered him and put him back in.  After the hold, TM set up the cross-drive.

She told me to get out away from the pen.  I surprised her by going clear to the cone.  She told me I was VERY GOOD.  Then she brought out the lambs and told me to parallel them.  I surprised her again by doing it <G>  I walked the lambs to the "4" and then TM told me to stay out and do an Away.  I surprised her by doing it again!  I walked the lambs across the field.  TM was VERY happy with me!  She set it up again and I did it again!  I was AWESOME!

Kearney - I worked next.  I had no problem with MC being in the field.  She was wearing a bright yellow rain suit.  I went right by her without even flicking my ear at her.  I did watch the stupid cow in the round pen.  I made sure she wasn't loose.  When I got the sheep to the "Y", they stopped.  Because I don't have any power, they just stood there.  TM told me to move them, so I started barking.  TM was happy with me because I didn't back down.  I didn't act like I was ready to bolt either.  She came over nearer to support me and I was able to get them around the course.   I was a very good boy too!

My sister, Treasure, was great!  She took the lambs through a Started course.  She listened to TM and stopped when she was told to.  TM was very pleased with her work too.  We are all nearly ready for our next herding trial.

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  1. All three dogs had a great time herding. I, however, just finished bathing three dogs (Yup, Ms. Monroe had to be bathed, too) after their day mud herding!