TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, February 27, 2012

By Myself

Lowri - I am here by myself!  Well, TM is here, but Kear isn't.  I miss my Kear.  TM says we are going to PR's place tomorrow and we will bring him home on Wednesday.

I got to herd ducks today!  Since Kearney wasn't here, I got to go into the pen with TM and bring them out.  That is the first time I have done that!  I am so excited!  Then I did some outruns and fetching with TM.  My ducks have a pretty good idea that TM is safe.  That means they will stay in her vicinity.  I doubt if the trial ducks will do that.  TM says I need to slow down and work farther away from the ducks.  That isn't very much fun <G>

When we were almost done, TM set up the free-standing pen and I got to put the ducks in there.  This could be fun!  I was way too wild the first time and then I settled down a tiny, tiny bit.  All in all, I penned the ducks three times.  I got LOTS of praise each time.

I love my life.  One day I get to be a show dog in Florida; the next, I am a duck dog in Tennessee!  Can life get better?  I guess it could if Kearney was here too.

I almost forgot.  I told you that my friend, Kathy Buxton, sent us a present.  Here is the picture of me with my buddy, Snoopy.  I guess I am not alone after all!


  1. Aww, I'm so glad Snoopy is there to keep you company until Kear can come home! Good work on the duckies!

  2. Poor little muppet! You and Kear will be back together in no time and on the weekends your Daddy will keep you company.