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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Free-Standing Pen

Kearney - TM set up the free-standing pen (aka ex-pen) in the middle of the yard.  I got to go first as our ducks have never done this.  I herded the ducks around the yard for a bit and then TM had me bring the ducks to the pen.  It took a little bit of effort, but  I got them in the pen.  TM left the gate open for a minute so I could see the ducks were in the pen and settled.  Then she shut the gate.

I got to take the ducks out and let them go up the yard a bit.  Then TM sent me so I could pen them again.  I did it three times.  I got lots of hugs each time <G>  TM was very proud of me.  Then she left the ducks in the pen and called me off.  I did NOT want to leave.  I wanted more hugs <G>.

Lowri - But it was MY turn, Kear.  TM set me up and went over to let the ducks out.  I came with her.  Apparently, that is not what she wanted me to do.  I got scolded and put back where I had been.  TM said I knew better.  I did, but I wanted to play the new game with the ducks.

TM finally sent me and I went behind the ducks and got them out of the pen.  I brought them up to TM and we went around the yard a bit.  Then we went for the free-standing pen.  It was great fun.  I dashed this way and that.  Ducks escaped everywhere.  TM said that isn't the way we are supposed to do it.  She left the gate and came and helped me.  She said I wasn't quite ready to do this.  With her help, we got the ducks in the pen.  I got hugs too!

Then we went to put the ducks away.  TM wanted me to hold the ducks at the gate.  I wouldn't come to where she wanted me.  I wanted to keep working the ducks.  TM told me to "come".  I know that word, but I was busy.  Then TM quit talking and walked toward me.  I knew I was in deep trouble!  I took off.  TM kept coming.  She walked me down.  I ran until I got caught.  TM yanked me up in the air and told me in no uncertain terms that "come" was not negotiable.  Then she set me down and walked away.  I stayed right on her heels!  When she said "come", I CAME right then!  TM told me what a good girl I was and petted on me.  Whew!  I thought I had screwed up but good. Then we went back to the gate and I held the ducks while she opened the gate.  I got lots more petting.

Kearney - We got a surprise today.  The Fed Ex guy came with a package.  TM was surprised because she wasn't expecting anything.  One of our friends sent a HUGE Snoopy!  It is almost as big as we are!  TM said she will get some pictures and post them.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a GREAT new game! Poor Lowri. Yeah that running away thing (inside a fence) really doesn't work so well. She WILL find you! Bet you don't do that again anytime soon! Good work on the ducks, though!