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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday in the Drizzle

Lowri - It was raining slightly today.  Because it was also just a bit nippy (52 degrees), TM thought about not herding today.  Let me tell you, this is PERFECT weather!  My coat sheds the water, and I have plenty of it to keep me warm.  Absolutely perfect, and TM almost didn't let me play in it.

I brought the ducks out of their pen and put them in the field, then TM took me over to work the light lambs.  I haven't herded in their fields before, so it was very interesting.  They have two fields that they live in.  Sometimes TM opens the gate and gives them the ducks' A-Course field too.  Today, we played in their two fields.  TM had me walk - BORING - with the lambs and stay off them - ALSO BORING.  I walked them around the field without direction from TM, except to slow down.  Then we went out into their other field.  TM doesn't like working in this field because it is a long triangle.  One side is the creek, the other is an electric fence, and the short side is the fence for the first field. 

TM doesn't like working near electric fences.  She doesn't want me to chase the lambs into it - or more likely, thru it.  She also doesn't want me to find out it is hot.  I wonder what a hot fence feels like.  I have never felt it.  Anyway, as usual, I was AWESOME!  I drove the lambs around the field and stopped their escape attempts.  I finished by holding them along the fence.  I prefer to hold them by being very close, but TM doesn't like that.  I stayed back a ways and TM told me how good I was.  It was great!

Then we went to the A-course arena and I worked ducks.  TM didn't want to do a regular course.  She had me drive them here and there.  I think it is weird that she doesn't want me to bring them to her, but it seems to make her happy when I drive them in a straight line.  I was very good with my speed today.  I didn't hardly make the ducks flap or run at all.  It was good to know that I made TM happy. 

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