TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Thursday - Already?

Lowri - Wow, this week is going fast!  TM has been very busy working.  She finally got a moment to breathe today.  Of course that is when TM's crazy tenant called and went off on her.  TM takes that better if they are actually paying their rent.  Oh well, TM didn't take it out on me, and that is all I care about.

Since TM had a moment to breathe, she went and voted today.  She says we all should vote.  I asked her when I got to go vote.  She handed me a cookie to shut me up.  Score one for ME!

With all the dog shows and working out we have been doing, TM has been noticing that I am all grown up.  She says that I look beautiful and just look like an adult.  Of course, then I went out and bounced at the ducks.  I may LOOK like I am grown up, but I have a very long way to go mentally.

We don't have shows this weekend, but I get to go to the vet this coming Monday.  NOT for head xrays.  I get to have my preliminary hip xrays done.  TM says if they look good, we are good to go with my upcoming meeting with my boyfriend.  That will probably happen in January.  She is starting to look forward to me having babies.  I hope I am a good mother...What?  SQUIRREL!! 

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